About Us


At Alternative Events we believe that events are productions! The venue is the stage & the organisations we work with are the stars of the show! We organise exceptional events and pride ourselves on having outstanding attention to detail.

We (Truchio Powell and Daniella Ogunbanjo) have a track record in developing phenomenal talent and delivering great events throughout The Midlands. With over 20 years’ collective experience in coordinating high quality corporate and social events we decided to use our expertise to enhance the quality and diversity of events in the industry.

Alternative Events puts talent centre-stage to create exceptional experiences for clients looking to celebrate all kinds of diversity, because performance connects everyone. We nurture and foster the talents and skills of young people to enable them to make unique contributions to our events, both as performers and as the next generation of event organisers. By nurturing the talent and skills of young people we empower them to make a unique contribution of diverse thinking, creativity and performance, enabling Alternative Events to hold events that bring people and ideas together better.

Alternative Events is the only event organiser in the UK that helps its clients celebrate every kind of diversity among the customers, employees and partners.

Alternative Events is the sister company to The Alternative Wedding Group that specialises in coordinating luxury weddings for cross cultural, inter-racial and quirky couples.

Some of our clients: